• Strong Understanding of Real Estate/ Finance
  • Deep Industry Relationships
  • Great Potential Cash Flow
  • Disruptive Assets 
  • High Barriers to Entry
  • Strong, Insider Leadership
  • Raised Money Prior
  • Launched Product
  • Early Signs of Traction

Only insider players who have deep relationships with one another and are in the markets every day can disrupt the Financial Services sector. The people matter. Finance resisted adapting new technologies until recent advancements coupled machine and human learning. In the next wave of FinTech startups, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Blockchain innovations must leverage people and relationships if they want to truly transform global markets.

why FinTech?


RenshawCo invests in PropTech, UrbanTech, and other startups.  Our CEO, Camille Renshaw, began her career coding on a neural networks project and eventually founded and sold multiple startups.  Given our family's deep real estate roots, we are actively investing in tech that will change the way we buy, manage, and evaluate real estate.


​​​My parents taught me a long time ago that you win in life with people.​ - Pat Summitt, Winningest Coach in NCAA Basketball


our Investment approach